30 min. 15 min.

Can’t Sew a Button On?

Then you are a beginner seamstress. Maybe you have only seen a sewing machine at your grandmothers, but we’ll show you the basic operations of a sewing machine.We’ll have you creating your own project in your very first class.

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So you want to sew?

Maybe you have never laid foot on a sewing machine or maybe you’ve made your own prom dress. Either way we have classes for you.

All of our classes take place in an atmosphere that is sure to inspire both you and your friends.Our classes are quaint and intimate , with the maximum number of students being four. You are sure to get plenty of individual attention.

All of Tangled Threads classes are project based, meaning as you are acquiring sew skills, you are also creating  a wonderful handmade item.

To register for a class, find the class that interests you. Then simply fill out the online registration form.

We also have a calendar if you would like to look ahead to see what is going on in the studio.

Before registering, check out our list of simple Class Policies.

Hope to meet you at my next class!

Your Common Thread

Deanna Keagle